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  Hip - Find information about hip replacement surgery and hip implant options. Learn about hip replacement technology from DePuy Orthopaedics including minimally invasive, anterior approach and computer assisted hip replacement.  
  Knee - Learn about knee replacement including how to prepare for knee replacement surgery, what to expect before and after surgery and during rehabilitation and recovery. Also learn about advanced technologies that have revolutionized knee replacements.  
  Shoulder - A guide to shoulder replacement surgery. Learn how to prepare for shoulder surgery, what to expect during and after shoulder replacement as well as rehabilitation and recovery.  
  Finger - Learn about ankle treatment options and the technology of the NueFlex MCP/PIP Finger Joint replacement. Also, find out how to prepare for ankle replacement surgery including rehabilitation and recovery.  

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  About DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction - Learn about About DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction., and our commitment to helping surgeons and patients achieve excellence in orthopaedic care.  
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  Home - Learn about joint replacement options, including hip replacement and knee replacement, and joint replacement surgery which may help relieve joint pain from severe osteoarthritis, and learn about DePuy products.  
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  Find an Orthopaedic Surgeon - Use our surgeon locator to find a joint replacement surgeon near you.  
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